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Chris Tong, Ph.D.: Beyond Globalization: May the Best Culture Win!

  As the great spiritual master Adi Da Samraj has emphasized, cooperation and tolerance are the necessary foundation stones for a new world order. To fully understand their importance, we first examine the old "cold war" world order and the current "post-cold war" world order, and track the consequences of the absence of one or both of these foundation stones, and the implications for the future. Globalization is not an end unto itself. At best, it is the "ground" in which, practicing cooperation and tolerance, we can "plant" and "grow" new cultures.

David Almquist: Bashing Gurus and Alternative Religions

Not too many years ago, it was common in our society to make jokes indiscriminately about Afro-Americans, women, homosexuals, and other minorities and ethnic groups. One by one these groups protested, and eventually changes occurred. But it is still officially okay, and in fact quite fashionable, to denigrate gurus and their devotees. Are we ready, as a culture, to take one more significant step toward tolerance?  
Religious Tolerance



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