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About Us

What this site is Reflections On The Conscious Light is an ever-growing archive of articles written by devotees of Adi Da Samraj, providing their personal perspectives about Adi Da Samraj, the Way of Adidam, and related subjects. (See the category menu on the left for more subjects.) We will be regularly adding new articles, so please subscribe to our newsletter, so we can let you know when we do!

Reflections On The Conscious Light is also a multi-media syndication site, that supplies interesting and fresh content on a regular basis, to a variety of media.

What this site is not This site is not officially associated with the Adidam organization. The formally approved and official site of Adidam is The perspectives or commentaries that you find on this site represent the viewpoints of the individual authors or our editorial and review staff. They should not be taken as an official viewpoint. The only voice truly representative of the Teaching of Adidam is that of Avatar Adi Da Samraj, or emissaries that He has personally selected. If you find the articles on this site interesting, we encourage you to further study Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Teaching, and His Work altogether click here for a list of relevant sites.

The subtitle of this site is "friendly essays on ultimate matters". One sense in which we mean "friendly essays" is that we are taking very challenging subjects and presenting them in an easily accessible manner. "Friendly" also means: this site is not about proselytizing. Through grace and good luck, each of us has stumbled across an extraordinary treasure: the Revelation of our ultimate human destiny, and the Means for Realizing it. Because that treasure is everyone's birthright, not ours alone, we feel compelled (and indeed thrilled at times) to share it with all other human beings. That sharing is done in the disposition of friendship. And the mode of that sharing is not proselytization, but reason and Revelation.

Reason and Revelation Reason (supplemented by experience: ours, yours, and others) helps communicate how most of us are settling for oh so much less than our Perfect Destiny . . . how, for example, can one even compare a nice meal while watching American Idol, with Perfect and Eternal Happiness?

Revelation is the only true basis for faith and a life organized around genuine Spiritual practice.

Reason can help us get off the couch, reconsider what we're doing with our lives, and make ourselves available to a new and Greater Alternative, that just is not very likely to find us while we sit in front of the TV set. Reason suggests that inviting that Revelation into our lives requires a very different circumstance.

Revelation is the moment in which the Greater Alternative finds you, and substantiates Itself to you in the most direct possible fashion. Revelation completely transforms your life, gives it ultimate purpose, and provides the means for fulfilling that purpose.

We hope our articles will provide sufficient reason. But writing, and all reason, in the end is only words . . . "reflections" on the Conscious Light. Something (Someone) altogether Greater the Conscious Light Itself will provide the Revelation.

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