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About "Conscious Light"

In early 1998, Avatar Adi Da spent a concentrated period of two months giving hundreds of hours of instruction to a small group of devotees. His discourses during this period wove a beautiful tapestry of themes related to the Spiritually Awakened process in the Way of Adidam. Adi Da referred to these discourses as "The Overnight Revelation Of Conscious Light". And as has always been the case, whenever Adi Da would talk on a subject, He would also directly Spiritually Transmit to His listening devotees the corresponding Revelation.

Avatar Adi Da uses the phrase "Conscious Light" to communicate the indivisibility of Consciousness (or Being) and Light (or Energy), which is directly obvious when the ultimate nature of Reality is Realized. Adi-Dasya Ruchiradama Nadikanta (a senior devotee of Avatar Adi Da and a member of the Free Sannyasin Order) was one of the devotees present during these discourses. She describes what it was like to be present:

ADI-DASYA RUCHIRADAMA NADIKANTA: Again and again, as He spoke or sat silently, His own Spiritual Person flooded into our body-minds and drew us into this Sea of Divine Light. He was penetrating the body-mind through to the toes, permeating every cell with His Love-Blissful Radiance. He opened the nervous system, so that the body-mind became like an open cup from toe to crown, a receptacle for His Luminous Infusion. The spine would become erect with this upward-turning response to Beloved Adi Da's "Brightness". Sometimes, the experience of this Bliss was so intense that it felt like the cells of the body were being cracked open.

Then, within this Sphere of "Brightening", Beloved Adi Da would Reveal the Secret of the Non-"Difference" between Consciousness and Energy (or Light). Suddenly, not only Beloved Adi Da, but the room, the objects, the persons, and the entire pattern of arising would appear as a Field of Light and be Recognized as Conscious Light, as Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself. This is Divine Self-Recognition, [Ultimate Enlightenment]. And our Beloved Guru was allowing us a glimpse of That.

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